We specialize in investing across a wide range of industries globally

PirE is a leading private investment firm with a razor-sharp focus on developing solid foundations for aspiring businesses in the real estate sector, consumer staples, healthcare, and niche manufacturing firms.
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How we work

End-to-end investment process

Looking for your dream Investor!!! Our purpose is to provide an End to end investment process to the customer right from idea to its execution.

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Our Philosophy

Priding ourselves on organic growth

Our objective stands with providing you with the best financial assistance and allowing ourselves with organic growth to thrive together

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Our Business

Reimagining asset management

We specialize in various types of investments right from real estate to healthcare and many more. Go on and know more about us!!!

Together we can achieve more

Our Team


Investment Portfolio

Investment Insight


Best Tax Saving Investments for 2022

Savings are very crucial for everyone to have a secure future. Here are some benefits that help us to save tax and enjoy the benefits of the policy provided by the government of India.   1. Senior citizen saving scheme SCSS or Senior citizen saving scheme is a savings scheme made especially for people above […]

NPS- National Pension Scheme

The National Pension Scheme (NPS) is a retirement plan supported by the government. The scheme was first introduced to government workers in January 2004. It was, however, made accessible to all sections in 2009. Throughout their working lives, participants of the plan are permitted to make regular contributions to a pension account. In addition to […]

India and growth

India’s growth rate is among the fastest in the world, retail inflation has slowed, buffer food stockpiles are plentiful, forex reserves are sizable, and it is anticipated that the current account deficit would stay “well below sustainable levels.” One of the key engines of India’s economic development historically has been domestic consumption, which is now […]


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PirE’s response to Covid-19

Our employees are the backbone of our organization. Currently, the company is providing employees with a hybrid working environment .i.e employees can work from home as well as from the office premises. Complete safety compliances are taken by the organization.  


To ensure safety, it is mandatory for all to wear a face mask.
It is mandatory for employees to get vaccinated.
Limited access to common areas such as cafeteria, halls.
Proper sanitation is done at the doorstep for employees and customers.
During the spread of Covid-19, PirE provided work from home to its employees.

In these tough times, we are dedicated to providing a safe working environment to all our stakeholders.