Cannot find your perfect investor?

Having ideas?? Want to have your own startup? Pire ventures is what you are looking for. 

PirE is a leading private investment firm with a razor-sharp focus on developing solid foundations for aspiring businesses in the real estate sector, consumer staples, healthcare, and niche manufacturing firms.

Ensuring our partners have access to a wholesome and thorough deal that will help to improve and flourish their businesses. Our foremost goal is to provide our clients with financial assistance for them to achieve a higher level of success and create a new and viable venture for themselves.


Creating Lasting Relationships”

Pire ventures investment area includes-

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The health industry has undergone rapid expansion in recent years amid of Covid-19 spread, piquing the interest of both international and domestic investors. PirE has in-depth industry experience, which makes it a reliable partner in such a dynamic business as healthcare. Our mission is to provide considerable and timely finance to our customers in order to help them create strong and profitable healthcare businesses.

Consumer staples

Using our financial experience, we aim to bring value and insight to a wide range of FMCG companies. We believe in a value-oriented investing approach that will assist those who are willing to take risks in building successful enterprises. Profits in this industry may be slow to come by, but they are consistent and hence long-term. Our duty is to assist our clients and assist them in seeing the benefits.

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Niche manufacturing

Our aim is to collaborate with extraordinary management teams to develop world-class businesses and drive incredible value for our clients utilizing efficient financial resources. We are focused on investing in and creating niche-market leaders at the lower end of the middle market.

Real Estate

What distinguishes us as a top investment organization in the real estate market is our comprehensive strategy, which involves substantial financial assistance to provide customers with a safety net while also establishing a sustainable business model and driving revenue development.

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PireE is unique, outstanding, and daring. We like the toil required to bring innovative ideas and start-up businesses to reality. 

Till now Pire Ventures has invested in more than 10 companies with a net worth of ₤100 Million with 30% investment in the consumer sector, 15% in health care, and 25% in the service sector.

We see the potential, We invest.

 Join us and start your dream project with Pire Ventures.

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